The aim of the FHSAA is to promote, direct, supervise and regulate interscholastic athletic programs in which high school students, whose schools are members, compete. To accomplish this aim, the Association:

  1. Establishes and enforces regulations to ensure that all such athletic programs are part of, and contribute towards, the entire educational program;
  2. Cooperates closely with the Florida Department of Education in the development of athletic programs;
  3. Promotes the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play in all athletic contests; and
  4. Enacts policies and guidelines that safeguard the physical, mental and moral welfare of high school students, and protect them from exploitation.

The citizens of Florida have long recognized and endorsed the role of the FHSAA – a non-profit, voluntary organization – in providing supervision, control and promotion of the interscholastic athletic programs in which students engage.