Volunteer Opportunities:

Please consider signing up to help feed the boys pre-game meals, supply dessert for their pre-game meal and/or work in the concession stand! Below are several links to sign up for various ways you can help. Please remember, you must be an approved volunteer to help with pre-game meal or in the concession stand:

Varsity concession

JV concession

Varsity pre-game meal set up

JV pre-game meal set up

Varsity Dessert

JV Dessert


Becoming an approved volunteer with the St. Johns County School District:

In a continuing effort to provide safety and security to our students and staff we ask that you complete a School Access Form if you plan to enter a facility in the St. Johns County School District. This includes if you would like to participate in activities such as birthday parties for your child in their classroom, eating lunch with your child in the cafeteria, field trips, book fairs, field days, as well as readers, tutors, mentors, etc.

Any person going beyond the front office area of a school must have a completed school access form, and present a valid driver’s license or state identification card when signing into a school.  To check your status, contact the school which you wish to enter two weeks after completion of the school access form.  It is suggested that the form be completed right away, as it can take two to six weeks to process.  Once school access has been granted, a person signs into the school as a volunteer, and chooses the activity that best describes what he/she will be doing in the school.  Driver’s license and state identification card are required upon each sign in.

Please click the following link to sign up to be an approved volunteer with the St. Johns County School Board – https://stjohns.keepntrack.com/apply/